#5244 – as if i didn't need more encouragement to look

so i’ve been searching for a new job the past week or three for a few different reasons:

– i want to try something different

– i’m tired of spending literally 80-90% of my time with nothing to do at work (seriously, i have to find work for myself to do, and it’s a lot harder trying to look busy than actually being busy)

– when i do get assigned work, 9 times out of 10 it’s to sit in on a conference call or a meeting and take notes (that aren’t used)

– i’m still a bit annoyed about not getting really any sort of a pay increase when i took this position. granted, for the work that i’ve been doing, it’s like “you’ll give me an extra $100 / paycheck to sit there and not do anything? SURE!”, but it’s disappointing to think that it was going to be even less than that and that the manager who hired me had to tell HR that the amount they offered was unacceptable. it’s about the same as what i was making when i started my previous position and didn’t have a degree, and now that i have a BS degree + 15% MS degree it would be nice to be making a bit more than what i was making almost four years ago.

– i feel like my skillz are atrophying because i’m not DOING anything with them.

– my résumé makes me sound all badass.

so today i saw a blog post on mint about asking for a raise and was like “huh, like they’ll give me one after i already tried fighting for increasing my base pay”, and then i saw this link it has for the bureau of labor statistics. did you know that the BLS has information on salary ranges for different job functions, and can even give you region-specific information? i didn’t, but it’s all here.

so i looked for a job title similar to what i’m doing now in my area, and guess what? i don’t even exceed the 10th percentile. LAME. the median salary is still about $20k more than what i make, and salary amounts even go UP if you look at my job in the wireless telecommunications carriers industry. so that’s a kick in the pants.

the problem with me trying to find a new job is i do too much research into other companies, if that’s even possible. see, i find a job that looks interesting, but then i look up the company on glassdoor or i get annoyed by poor site design (it’s a first-impression sort of thing, if you can’t get your site to look decent and work well — ESPECIALLY if it’s the section with the job search — then WHY would i want to come work for you because it definitely seems you don’t know what you’re doing) and after hours of job searching i say “screw this” and resign myself to boredom at work for the next few days.