#5233 – may you work in interesting times

the most work i did at work today was to try to not fall asleep during a 2-hour conference call this afternoon from 2-4 PM. i’m serious. i didn’t even have to DO anything in the conference call! i read through some specification documents and highlighted some things to keep track of later, but that was just busywork so i wouldn’t look like i was sitting there twiddling my thumbs.

i got so bored during the conference call i tried attaching my phone handset to my head with a large rubber band — the wireless earpiece i was given needs a cleaning before i’ll use it.

i actually woke up late for work this morning — i usually leave the house at 7:15, and that’s when i woke up. i looked in my closet for clothes to wear and quickly remembered i had put them in the laundry last night. apparently i didn’t transfer them from the washer to the dryer like i thought i did, and i can’t quite call into work and say “sorry pete [my manager and acting supervisor], i can’t come into work because i don’t have pants to wear.” and since it’s september, i can’t use time off – because it’s the end of the government’s fiscal year, september for the federal department at work is like december in the retail channel. so i went tearing through my closet looking for something to wear and came across my suit and wore that with a dress shirt that was still in my closet. so…

– navy blue pinstripe suit

– blue dress shirt

– red tie

– black shoes

– …and brown socks

yes, brown socks, my dress socks were in the laundry as well. i really need to get some more black dress socks like my current ones, but i have no idea who makes them.

so i got out of the house around 7:25 and STILL made it to work on time. well, maybe 2 minutes after 8. but we still get up to 4 minutes 59 seconds before we’re considered “late”. so yeah, my car is fast, fool!