#5232 – hey big spender

oh yeah, so i forgot to mention. i’ve finished two weeks at my new position so far, and i’m liking it so far. this is actually true, but it might get me to start drinking (more).

they put me on a special project where we have this older billing system that’s used by a small percentage of agencies and corporations (it lets them download their invoices as zipped text files that they can run through their own software in order to break down phone charges for different parts of their organization… these are big zipped files too, ~25 MB zipped, or one of the four text files included can be about 600 MB unzipped). well, this old billing system is so crusty they’re trying to encourage these agencies and things to switch over to other billing systems that are a lot more like the online self-serve portals available for regular ol’ customers, since they can use these to do things like order equipment, or download their bill in xml and other such formats and run reports to help make more sense out of how their company uses their phones.

the thing is, this is a directive from the bigwigs that we need to get the companies using this old billing system to something that i guess is a lot more economical for us to run. it wouldn’t be as big of a problem as it is if it wasn’t for the fact that one agency using it has ~50,000 lines of service with us and so there are special contracts with them that are involved because they are so big and so dependent on the features in these online billing systems, and if we don’t dot our ‘i’s and cross our ‘t’s then bad things happen:

– we break our part of the contract

– we lose 50,000+ lines of service

– we have to tell other government agencies when we bid for contracts that we have broken a contract in the past (and it isn’t a matter of “we broke our contract, but…”, it’s more like “have you ever broken a contract? Y / N”, no room for any explanation)

– if we have to tell other agencies that we’ve broken the terms of our contract then it can prevent us from gaining other business in the future so far

– there is the potential that some (all?) of us on this project could lose our jobs if things don’t go right

but hey, didn’t they gave me a pay raise when i took this position? oh yeah, about that… when i got my pay raise info, i increased my 401(k) deposit amount by 1 percentage point, as well as my savings account deposit amount by 1 percentage point. my set amount going into one checking account for bills and the balance going into my other checking account for my personal allowance, i left those two alone.

so after my first week in the position, i got my first paycheck that included my pay for this new position. granted…

– it was only for a week of this new position (so half of the pay period was paid at the rate for my previous position, and the other half of the pay period was paid at the rate for this new position)

– i had made those percentage point increases to my 401(k) and my savings account

– they took out $15.00 out for my monthly gym membership payment

but after those changes, guess how much more this paycheck was compared to my usual paychecks in my previous position?

$4.00. four. dollars.

i console myself with the fact that i’m using every last penny of tuition reimbursement this semester for my master’s degree.