#5226 – mic-key

headed to bed early tonight, may watch some videos for my six sigma class in bed first though.

had a weird dream last night (i haven’t been sleeping well lately, or getting to bed at a reasonable hour) — i had to dress up in a mickey mouse costume and entertain some kids from bermuda who were going to be pissed if they didn’t get to see mickey mouse. apparently i had done this before because the people that wanted me to do it had a sheet of paper with my picture on it, like it was a job application or something. i was annoyed because i didn’t want to wear the costume but they promised me that i would get ice cream afterwards. so i wore the mickey mouse costume and i was probably just like edward norton in “death to smoochy”, i could see something flopping around to the top and bottom of my view, so i must have been looking out of mickey’s mouth or something like that. anyway, i remember i sang some song in a creepy voice and scared the kids for kicks, but that’s about all that i can remember.