#5204 – sid laverents

i’m on an email list called “exotica”, and since it’s hard to pin down exactly what “exotica” means, here’s what the blurb on the signup page says:

The Exotica mailing list is a forum for people interested in unusual music, primarily that from the 1950s and 1960s. There is no hard and fast definition of “Exotica” as the distinction is primarily in the eye (and ear!) of the collector. Artists and topics such as Perez Prado, Esquivel, industrial-convention theme albums, production library music, Polynesiana, cool sleeve designs, thrift-store finds, and so forth are regular staples.

it’s also about anything else that is suitably bizarre.

anyway, one of the guys on the email list is pretty awesome at finding and keeping the list updated with obituaries (there was once a motion to get him an award since he does such a good job keeping us informed, and most of the time before we hear about the death elsewhere! example: when isaac hayes died, i got this email while i was at the virgin music festival and i exclaimed “oh no! isaac hayes is dead!” which prompted roller derby referee steak knife to ask me if i somehow got “soul brutha email alerts”, hahaha). about a month ago, we were informed that sid laverents died, and the obituary seemed interesting enough so i hung on to the email and finally got to checking out what i could about him tonight, and i’m glad i did:

for those of you who didn’t read my link with his obituary, he’s about 60 years old in that video, and he didn’t die until he reached 100!

some of his other films sound pretty awesome, and from searching around online it seems that they could be ordered directly from him, but now that he’s dead i don’t know how one might be able to get a hold of some of the other videos, since i want to see “it sudses and sudses and sudses”, and some of his other videos sound pretty cool too. unfortunately, “multiple sidosis” is the only one that i’ve been able to find online. nuts. 🙁