#5198 – awesomeness

i should really get to bed in a few minutes. i went to bed earlyish (for me) last night and today at work i was really fighting to stay awake. i’ve been fighting to stay awake a lot at work recently, actually. i haven’t been doing much work either – this special project i’m on is kind of in a holding pattern at the moment, since apparently my special team’s role has changed and we’re not going to be doing changes ourselves any more, there’s going to be another team with more people doing the changes and then we’re going to be the ones to audit those changes. i’m still concerned that we’re never going to get around to what i think is going to be the most fun part of this project and that’s the part where we’re supposed to figure out how to fix things to improve overall quality in the department.

when we had our second meeting together, i suggested we look into a quality system like six sigma (at this point it was only something i learned about in my textbooks at school), partially because from what i understood it’s a very aggressive quality program and partially because it’s badass (i wanna be a master black belt! bahaha), and i had no idea how well it might work for us. well, we have these online training classes (basically just a bunch of slides and quizzes), but there’s one to prepare for the master black belt certification exam that’s something like 40 parts long, and since we’re waiting for this other team to do their work and provide us a list of what they’ve done, all this week in the meantime i’ve been taking these trainings about six sigma processes and have been noticing more and more things that we already do at work and more and more ways that six sigma could really benefit us.

today there was a job fair at umuc, and unlike the last one i did not go to meet john hodgman after this one. well, wait. let me back up a bit.

so remember that post i made a few weeks ago about how i half-qualified for one job and half-qualified for another? i never actually applied to that company online, but when i saw a few days ago that they’d be at the job fair today i went there just to talk to them (i looked at the list of other companies that would be there too to see who was hiring information systems majors, and the companies i saw i wasn’t that enamored with. whammywah and i once figured out a good way to decide if a company is worth it – check to see if they have a decent website. first impressions matter both ways, you know, and if their website makes them look like scallywags then steer clear. i mean, after selecting “district of columbia” for one company’s job search and being prompted to select a local area, they not only had “washington” but also “washignton” and even “washinton”! see? total scallywags, don’t bother.)

so anyway, i was running late this morning and grabbed my folio with my résumé that i printed last night, and since i hadn’t stapled my two pages for my résumé together i also grabbed the stapler as i was running out the door. fast forward to where i arrive at campus and go to staple my two pages together – yup, the stapler was out of staples. i had some older copies of my résumé with me too and they would have worked fine, but this latest one really calls out my awesome customer service skills and highlighted the fact that i was saving my company money, so i could have used one of my previous résumés but i really wished i could use my latest one. and i had just recently bought staples for our stapler too. lesson learned, kids – reload your staplers.

so i go inside and sign in and they give me a booklet with a map of the room and a list of the companies attending, and is it stapled? NO, IT’S GOT A PAPERCLIP!! seriously, never been so happy before in my life to see a paperclip. so i paperclipped my résumé pages together, found the new signature booth and talked with one of the folks working there… from what i overheard while i waited, it’s a small company, about 40 people or so, and right now there’s not really many specific roles but instead people do a mixture of tasks, and right now they’re actually turning away clients because they can’t support any additional ones at the moment without making their employees work tons of overtime and they’re not interested in forcing their employees to do that. when it was my turn i introduced myself and then said that i came there specifically to talk to them and explained how i found the job postings before (insert small side conversation about the sites where i found their job postings, like craigslist and linkedin and jobscore), and she said that it was great i was bringing my résumé there since she could bring it straight to their president, and if my internet-fu is as good as i think it is, it seems that the president is either her husband or a relative since they both have the same unusual last name. so after that i just left, no bother talking to anybody else. i think i have a good chance based on what i heard about the company and what i can offer, and if they’re that all about customer service then even better, since you can teach someone the technical skills (or i can improve the skills that i have), but you can’t teach them how to interact well with customers. in a day or so i’ll send a note to them to follow up, methinks. who knows, maybe my résumé being paperclipped will help make it stand out among the other few dozen résumés…?

tomorrow i have another job interview, this time at work for a position with our systems team as a project analyst. looks like it’d be a sort of cheerleader role for system improvements and automation and to help with our overall system development. i think in my interview i’m going to talk about ideas that i have for the company that i’d like to see… ideas that are so crazy that they just might work, haha. the only problem is that some of our systems are almost too far gone to be salvaged in my opinion, and i doubt i’d have any sort of pull to try to get them so that they’re quality-centric systems. i wish we had a UX designer on the payroll. sigh.

tomorrow after work: cynicalscribe and i are going to a reception for graduates at umuc, and hopefully tomorrow night i’ll remember to do homodachi‘s meme from about 2 months ago that i’ve still been kicking myself since i’ve been wanting to complete it and keep forgetting! 🙁 hahaha

saturday: graduation!

sunday: erm, no plans? anybody want to do something? *poke*

eta: “i should really get to bed in a few minutes.” YEAH, LIKE WHEN I STARTED WRITING THIS POST OVER AN HOUR AGO. sigh.