#5197 – glenn bueller's day off

the question today really wasn’t “what are we am i going to do,” but instead “what aren’t we i going to do?”

i went to work today for 1 hour. yes, 1 hour. see, we’re given 3 opportunities to use flex time each quarter if we’re going to be late to work, and near the end of april i was going to be late and had already used my flex time, so i called in to work and used 1 hour of vacation time at the start of my shift so i wouldn’t be late. sucks that i had to use vacation time, but there really wasn’t anything else to do at the time. fast forward to present day – i had 15 hours of vacation time still unscheduled, and i could either take a full day off (leaving only 7 hours available for some other day in the future), or i could come in to work for 1 hour and use 7 hours of vacation time today, and still have a full 8-hour day i could use sometime. so, i was really at work today for just enough time to check my emails and get some breakfast at the cafeteria and poke around the intranet for a few minutes before heading back out to run some errands. plus, a bonus of coming into work for that 1 hour was that it MADE me get up and out of bed this morning, because if i took the whole day off i’d end up sleeping away most of it when i had errands to run.

so from work i headed over to the post office to drop off a letter i wanted to send certified mail – one of my credit cards is switching banks and i wasn’t happy with the new terms and have been feeling that my rate is way way too high on that card, so if i didn’t want the new bank to issue me a card then i had to get a letter to them by may 15, which i only realized last night when browsing through the terms and conditions for the new card.

once that was mailed, i headed to the metro and into dc to chinatown so i could have lunch at nando’s with bruno_boy and zenmetsu. we got there just before noon if i remember right, and we just barely beat the lunchtime rush. dave had to rush off back to his apartment to meet a dalek an exterminator who showed up at his place a few hours earlier than expected, dan had to go to work, and then i went over to the joseph a bank store to pick up my suits i ordered and paid for a few weeks earlier during a buy-one-get-two-free sale. i still need to get the pants hemmed, though… they said there’s a 3-week wait time on alterations at the moment, so i figured i’d take the suits to the store location that’s much more convenient for me to reach from where i live when i get a chance so that they can send the pants away to be hemmed.

i headed back to the house to drop the suits off (since i didn’t want to be carting them around in the car all day), and called to cancel my renter’s insurance (which i still had a policy for and was still being billed about $7 each paycheck since i had totally forgotten to cancel it after moving out of the apartment about a year ago) and cancelled my data card for my computer which i hadn’t used ever since cynicalscribe got fios and a wireless access point at her place. i probably should have called to schedule an eye doctor appointment too, but i didn’t think of it at the time. i also thought about calling grandmother and grandaddy and pap-pap about saturday’s commencement ceremony but figured i’d call later, more on this in a bit.

then, since i’m home by myself this week and 1) didn’t feel like cooking tonight, 2) wanted to go to a baseball game, monday night i bought myself an all-you-can-eat ticket to the orioles game. i also wanted to go tonight since it was “t-shirt tuesday” so they gave out shirts to the first 10,000 fans that arrived. i parked at a light rail station and took the train in to baltimore.

after getting my ticket from will call and realizing i still had almost 2 hours before game time and that the geppi’s entertainment museum next door has $1.00 admission on game days, i figured i might as well kill some time and stop in. it’s a very fascinating place! i’ll definitely have to go back again sometime, but i’ll have to spend almost the entire day in there, there’s a lot of stuff to look at and go through.

the baseball game itself was great; the all-you-can-eat seats get you a club-level seat, and they stamp your hand and from certain stands by your seats you get your fill of:

– hot dogs

– soda

– popcorn

– nachos

– peanuts

– ice cream / italian ice

you can only take two of an item at a time, but you can return as much as you want until they close up halfway through the 7th inning. sure, the seat itself is about $45, but normally the seat by itself is about $25 and that’s without food, so if you’re going there to gorge yourself silly then it’s a great value, and i love it because i love me some ballpark food. by the end of the night i had eaten everything except for the nachos:

– 2 hot dogs

– 2 sodas

– 1 box of popcorn

– 1 pack of peanuts

– 1 italian ice

i could have continued eating, but i was satisfied with what i had.

the orioles ended up winning 7-5. fun game! there were a bunch of college students (or recent graduates?) from st. john’s college here in annapolis (at least, there were several wearing st. john’s college branded apparel) – several girls, only a few guys, and it was fun to listen to them talk baseball to each other and chatting with them occasionally. one of the guys and girls traded off keeping pencil-and-paper score during the game which i thought was awesome. there was also a rather chesty girl with a bubbly personality who kept jumping up and down for different events (fan of the game, the wave, great plays, etc.), which was also awesome in its own way. at one part we saw a commotion going on in a section in the lower deck across from us and we wondered what was happening, and i observed that someone was being ejected from the park by the police and pointed it out to them, and they said “thanks dude-that’s-sitting-in-front-of-us!”, bahahah.

so then i came home, got back home just before 11. apple released an update to their system software, so now it’s at 10.5.7, yet though it includes software for RAW file compatibility with certain digital cameras, it doesn’t include any support at all yet for my new T1i which fucking sucks since i can’t really do much with editing photos i take with the camera until apple gets around to making a compatible file interpreter. BLEH! i hope they get it running before cynicalscribe and i go on our trip to london in… holy crap, less than a month now. i thought about taking my camera to the game tonight, but figured i didn’t want to be dashing up and down out of my seat to get more eats and trying to juggle a camera at the same time (if i had someone there with me who could watch over it during food runs then that would’ve been fine), but i also figured that even if i brought it and spent time taking photos with my zoom lens then i still wouldn’t be able to do much with the pictures until the updated software is released. that’s what i get for playing with the cutting edge, i guess.

oh yeah, so grandmother and grandaddy and pap-pap. so during the game, mom sent me a text message to see if she had left her umbrellas on her bed because if they weren’t there then they were probably left at airport security, and when i told her that i was at the game she said that she hoped i was having fun and also said how she and dad heard that grandaddy is in the hospital. apparently it seems that his foot infection might have gotten worse? mom said that he’s being treated for “cellulitis lower leg. is in more pain now. mite be bld clot. doing cat scan tmrrw.” yikes. so if all that’s going on then i’m kind of glad that i didn’t call up and be all “so i’m graduating on saturday, can you come?” since they clearly have more important things to concern themselves about at the moment and i’ll just have to keep them in my thoughts. asked mom if she and dad would be able to pick up pap-pap to take him, and it seems like that shouldn’t be a problem, especially since i requested special seating for people in wheelchairs or have difficulty walking, so that should be good to go.

i spent most of my time writing this while watching my recording of “thunderbirds are go” from turner classic movies the other day, but i couldn’t get into it at all. seriously, at least the first 10% of the film is just scenes and preparation for the first rocket launch! BO-RING. i definitely need to get off to bed now, but first i need to clean out the catboxes. taking care of cats that need their boxes cleaned out every day to prevent disasters, yaaaay.