#5196 – graduation preparations

so my graduation (the commencement ceremony itself – i’ve already received my degree in the mail back in october) is this coming saturday. however, things have been an absolute mess trying to plan for guests to attend.

see, the school says that every student who signed up for commencement would receive 10 tickets for their friends and family to attend, which is fine. the problem is that they said “expect the tickets to arrive in the mail in mid- to late-april”, and when i hadn’t yet received anything by april 30 i emailed the school to figure out what the deal was since i was worried that maybe i didn’t sign up properly or something was lost or my tickets went missing in the mail, who knows.

at least the school was prompt about emailing me back since i got a reply the next day (may 1) saying that everybody’s given 10 tickets for their guests and the school won’t distribute any additional ones (until this email i had no idea how many guests we could have, so i didn’t want to go inviting a bunch of family if there weren’t going to be enough tickets, and i didn’t want to ask people to come without me having the tickets physically in hand), and that their vendor mails the tickets out by april 30 at the latest, so everybody should receive their tickets in the mail by friday, may 8.

a few days after that i get a letter in the mail from umuc. oh boy, the tickets have arrived! …nope, actually, it’s just the information and parking pass to give to my guests that have disabilities and may have trouble climbing stairs and walking (more on this later), but no tickets.

friday, may 8 comes along — STILL NO TICKETS. they finally arrive yesterday, may 9, 1 week before the actual ceremony. THANKS UMUC. at least i have them now, but it’s not going to do me any good for out-of-town family at this point. 🙁 i’m sending feisty_fitz a message about it just in case, though.

mom and dad left saturday morning on a trip to the virgin islands for their 30th wedding anniversary. i found out about their plans to go on a trip in mid-may and found out when my ceremony is, and lucky for me i managed to alert them before they bought their tickets for their trip so that they could attend. they’re returning on friday. anne’s going to be staying with family friends this week close to her school, and i’m going to get the house to myself for the next several days.

i was going to ask grandmother and grandaddy and pap-pap to come to my graduation ceremony too, but now that seems to be very iffy too. for pap-pap to come, mom and dad would probably have to pick him up from where he lives and drive him to where the graduation is being held since he has a restriction on his license that he can’t drive further than so many miles from his place (but that doesn’t stop him if he has anything to say about it). i’m sure they’d be able to, but since they’re kind of out of the country i can’t exactly confirm it with them now (well, i can reach them by text message, or they can receive calls at $1.99 / minute on their cell phones).

there’s trouble now about calling grandmother and grandaddy to see if they can attend too; aunt katherine called yesterday to talk to dad (anne answered the phone since my mouth was full of food at the time) and apparently grandaddy has a foot infection and has been hospitalized, and they’re not quite sure how severe of an infection it is but it’s being treated with antibiotics. i don’t want to exactly call up right now and ask them to come to my ceremony when they’re probably stressed out enough as it is.

so i’ve got 3 confirmed (mom, dad, anne), feisty_fitz just told me she won’t be able to make it since she’ll be out working, cynicalscribe‘s going to be out of town skating at a bout (i think we’re going to try to attend a reception going on the day before for graduates), grandmother and grandaddy have the foot infection to worry about at the moment, and i’ll have to ask pap-pap to see if he can make it and will have to let mom and dad know when they get here friday night that they’ll need to pick him up saturday for the event. so that’s 4, maybe 6 people attending.