#5195 – look! it's the story of my life in anime form

from Kiko Heidan J-Phoenix PF LIPS Shotai:

The time is the future. Earth’s population has been transplanted to Planet J, which has been embroiled in a long-standing war between the imperial Arthalea government and the militaristic Varim regime. Both sides are currently at a stalemate with soldiers and civilians alike at the breaking point. In a last-ditch attempt at victory, General Glenn of the Arthalea government orders his men to develop the all-purpose, bipedal Panzer Frame (PF).

Four beautiful girls, Lisa, Izumi, Pris and Selina, were once saved by ace pilot General Glenn. The rebel girls organized a platoon called LIPS that had one purpose: to serve Glenn!

and to prove that site wasn’t kidding…

BAHAHAHAH, i like the “glenn-leader” dance that starts around 5:00…