#5186 – that's how i like my newsanchors

even though i thought this up about a month or two ago, i still haven’t posted about it, and it’s almost comedy gold so i can’t really keep it from you:

so i’m eating lunch at work, and we have cnn on the tv in the cafeteria, and it dawned on me how many hot newsanchors there are on tv. not just on cnn, but in general. i mean, when you’re watching the news next time, just make a mental note of how many attractive folks there are — you’re not going to find someone who’s been beaten with an ugly stick. there’s a reason why helen thomas is a writer and not a news anchor. same for garrison keillor, he’s got a face made for radio. anyway.

so i’m watching this and later that day i’m looking up some of these newsanchors on wikipedia, and i see this for kyra phillips:

On January 30, 2008, Phillips joked about making a “reverse oreo” with black co-host Don Lemon and white female colleague Gerri Willis. Phillips used the term with sexual overtones (stating, “yeah, good time”), much to the “visual embarrassment” of Willis.

that’s how i like my newsanchors… hot, kinky and on my tube.

cynicalscribe: “on your tube?? REALLY. REALLY.

anyway, ever since i read that bit on wikipedia, i’ve always tried to look to see if there’s any sort of tension between kyra phillips and gerri williams when they’re going between their two segments.