#5184 – caution children

so last night i had this really bizarre and awesome dream. i dreamt that i was part of the panel for a new one-off episode of match game that was being filmed in central park in new york city.

the opening credits started with a poor special effect of leonard nimoy, wearing an indiana jones hat, in a rocket-powered skiff hurtling through the streets of manhattan (obviously green-screened special effect), while he comedically tried to act like he was going to be thrown from this thing at any moment and that he was hanging on for dear life even though it was obviously sitting still since it was all a poorly-made special effect. all this while a poor imitation of the indiana jones theme was playing for the soundtrack to these opening titles. then the show’s title appeared, in star-wars-esque typeface:



the “caution children” was in flames, another poor special effect.

then they showed similar skiffs arriving at the location in central park for the show and different science-fiction actors were getting out to be part of the panel (for some reason i was part of this panel as well). they would all pretend to be a different character when getting out of their skiff, and they were all wearing indiana jones hats too. the only one i remember was george takei, and when he got out he tried to convince everybody that he was captain kirk.

some of the panelists didn’t arrive in skiffs. for some reason, i remember jon pertwee from doctor who dressed up like he was in a greek play so he had a white tunic on and a fake white beard to match his hair, and the credits showed him giving a monologue like he was in a play as he climbed through some underground cavern and slid down an underground stream. this was all showed with the film slightly sped up to add to the comedic effect.

once we were all there, we couldn’t immediately go out to the panel — we were instructed to stay in certain rooms. unfortunately some people didn’t heed this warning and ended up getting killed as a result, and then it was up to me to investigate why.

instead of getting gift bags for appearing on the show, we got big bags filled with candy. i raided some extra starbursts i found.

the match game panel was much larger than the regular tv panel. instead of being only 2 rows, this was about 4 or 5 rows and twice as many people in each row. but that’s about all that i remember.