#5177 – "of course we run. but for recreation. for fun." / "run for fun? what the hell kind of fun i

today i joined the fitness center at work — they were having a special this week where non-members could try it for free, and new members get their first month for free, so now i have a free membership through the end of february. i’d never been a member of a gym before, so i stopped in the fitness center during my work day and asked about it, and they scheduled me for my evaluation after work.

the fitness evaluation was checking my weight, my blood pressure at rest and while i was on a stationary bike that they increased the resistance on every few minutes, and then i had to do as many crunches as i could in a minute (34) and as many push-ups as i could do in a minute (33? or was it 32? it was just under my number of crunches, i know that), and then a sit-and-reach for flexibility.

they had asked what made me interested in joining the gym, and i told them how i heard about the special, but i was also recently listening to cynicalscribe‘s dad talk about his nike+ system; i had heard about it before and looked into it a little bit, but since i wanted to get back into running i looked at it again a bit more seriously. i thought the shoes for nike+ were fancy specialized shoes for the sensor (the sensor itself is only $29.99), but looking at the nike store showed the cheapest to be a pair for $39.99, and since i need a new pair of running shoes anyway (i had found my shoes from my running/jogging class a few years ago, but those are a size 9 and my feet are now a 9.5; they still fit, but they’re very tight), i thought i’d buy ’em. turns out that pair is only in a size 6, so that wouldn’t do. the next cheapest pair is $59.99, but then i found these coupons completely by chance, so i considered it a sign and bought a pair of $85 shoes for $50.87 shipped. not bad! especially since i had to get an ipod nano for the damn thing since it won’t sync with my existing ipod OR iphone, but then again it makes sense since i wouldn’t want either of those big things clunking in my pocket while running along, bleh. but i got a deal on that too.

so after my fitness test, coach dave gave me a rundown of the equipment in the facility — he runs marathons, so he showed me the treadmills (“the cadillacs of treadmills” he called them), the elliptical and the stair-stepping machine.

it’s going to be nice, because i’ve been meaning to get back into running ever since my running/jogging class got out (i enjoyed that class, since it was basically run around the indoor track for a few hours a few times a week), but i haven’t really liked the idea of going out jogging around the neighborhood that much, and definitely not in this weather, so jogging on a treadmill or working out on the elliptical or stair-stepper definitely appeal to me.

i wasn’t even sure if i wanted to do the nike+ system, since i already had runkeeper on my iphone and used that for riding my bike around the trail next to my house; i liked how it graphed out a google map with the trail that you took, and marked every mile you passed, but the problem with it is that it doesn’t use the phone’s accelerometer to determine your speed and pace — it uses the phone’s gps signal. so that’s not a solution if you’re indoors, on a stationary treadmill. oh well. at least it’s still useful for bike-riding.

but the thing that i like about the nike+ system is the nike+ coach making a schedule for you to follow each day (and a quick glance at the schedule it came up with for me has saturdays and sundays off, which is good because the fitness center at work is only open monday-friday). i like how it mixes it up. i also like seeing other people’s running routes they’ve made up online, there’s a few that look interesting to try once it warms up in the springtime.

i also like how at the fitness center at work they can do personal training as well, so that’s nice too. and they’re open 6 am – 7 pm, so i could theoretically go for a workout and change and shower at the fitness center afterwards before my shift begins at 9 am. theoretically… since i’d still have to get there early. but i could possibly be persuaded to wake up around 5 am sometime so i could have breakfast here at home, go work out, then get secondary breakfast from the cafeteria at work (but who am i kidding? it’s after 2 am and i’m still up, so i don’t see me waking up at 5 am anytime soon).

and it’s only $15 per month, automatically deducted from my paycheck. very nice!

so this is exciting 🙂 i stuck a widget on my website to show how i’ve been doing, but it’s not going to show anything until the shoes hurry up and arrive. even though it was nice to not pay shipping, it’s a pain in the ass to wait for my order to finally ship and ground shipping to arrive. probably should have paid for the speedier shipping, oh well.

in other work news: my supervisor talked with me today about a possible career progression at work that i never really considered, but actually might be interesting to do (sales operations for federal government). she thinks my skills would be great for it, because they work often with the technical folks running the intranet and such. problem is, there are few places i’d want to relocate to, and new jersey isn’t one of them (sorry new-jerseyians, unless it’s for something right in nyc, in which case maybe), and though my supervisor said that i may be able to get a job with our hq in new jersey and work it remotely from my current office, i don’t know how likely it is for a job like that to show up in our job system.

anyway, time for bed. no workout tomorrow, going to (probably) be watching all three “back to the future” movies in order (hence the subject line!).