#5165 – weekend edition

today i stayed around the house; it was bad weather out (stormy! windy! tornado watch!), so i took the opportunity to get some stuff done that i had been wanting to do for a little while. i updated my flickr stream with some scans of some medium-format pictures i just got developed, did some cleaning of my room, sorted through a bunch of files and junk on my computer, and figured that if the big time newspapers can publish special sunday/weekend editions then the glenn fitzpatrick times should be able to, too.

tomorrow we’re going to go visit pap-pap at 3 and stay for “dinner” at 4. hopefully i can wake up earlier than that because i need to get my hair cut, and if i don’t got in the morning or early afternoon (it opens at 10), then it’s probably not going to happen for about another week (because they close at 5).

time to get to bed, it’s almost 4 am! yikes!