#5163 – another day, another chuckwagon

another day, another blah day at work, another few applications completed for a few different jobs. so far the most hilarious posting i’ve seen so far is (emphasis mine):

The incumbent serves as an Intelligence Specialist (Military Materiel ID) with responsibility for participating in the production of all-source intelligence products pertaining to military materiel identification issues on selected weapon systems, to include a variety of missiles and rockets, surface-to-air missile systems, and small arms/light weapons proliferation. As such, the incumbent applies a wide range of intelligence analytic skills to monitor, assess, and report on weapons identification, modification, and production along with the research and development of arms trafficking analysis. In conjunction with senior analysts, the incumbent develops and/or recommends analytic approaches to problems and situations for which data are incomplete, controversial, or which no precedents exists.

-Serves as an analyst in the Military Materiel Identification Division (aka CHUCKWAGON). Incumbent will be responsible for analyzing military materiel identification issues pertaining to small arms/light weapons identification, modification, and production; leads in the research and development of arms trafficking analysis; researches and analyzes military systems for all division accounts; updates databases with relevant data; extracts and processes data from message traffic, report logs, and photographs; performs intelligence analysis of selected defense industries, their products and infrastructures; prepares reports and analytical studies and briefings; networks with analysts from other U.S. and foreign intelligence agencies; supports 24-hour/7 days a week crisis/contingency operations

“chuckwagon”?? i guess that’s the team’s codename. it sounds like a mst3k film, though: “CODENAME: CHUCKWAGON”, bahahaha…

*sigh* at least tomorrow’s friday, i guess. this week is going to feel weird with cynicalscribe being away. 🙁

tomorrow is a photo exhibit with a photographer i know who’s done some derby photography (furcafe), if i remember i’ll have to go into dc tomorrow night to check it out!