#5162 – the lament of tight pants

Well I promised you a post, but it’s up to you to decide whether it was worth it.

So my cotton blend work pants have shrunk so much, they hurt my balls when I’m sitting at my desk. Not always, but often enough to be uncomfortable. Either these pants are really tight, or I just happen to have big balls (like the AC/DC song says, I must have the biggest balls of them all).

It’s tough to find pants in my size, too. At least this pair was on sale when I bought them, but they’re not even that old. My jeans are much more comfortable, and they fit well too; wish I could wear those to work instead.

We moved our desks at work today, we’re all annoyed about it. One of my coworker pals may be leaving the company too. 🙁 Not sure yet though what the scoop on that is. Still looking for a new job, and turned up some chuckles involving a defense project apparently known as “CHUCKWAGON”. Also got my invitation to apply for a position with Obama’s administration (it’s only the result of me filling out a form expressing my interest in a position, nothing special). That would be nice, I’d really like to help move .gov to use web 2.0 tech! The way things are going now with what I want to do and eventually help with, it’s like a connect-the-dots picture where I can see the resulting image, but somebody still needs to put down the dots, let alone connect them in order. I just hope the image they make is the same image I can see in my mind’s eye.