#5148 – there aren't enough hours in the day

dammit, i thought that i was supposed to have more free time once i finished school. nowadays it seems that i go to work, come home, watch a little baseball on tv and read some of a book and then it’s time for bed.

i’ve got stuff from about 3 weeks ago that i want to talk about, but i don’t really have the time to anymore.

i’ve got lj entries i want to catch up on from 3 days ago that i want to take the time to read through, but i don’t seem to get a chance to.

i finally got my email inbox down to about 60 or so emails the other day, but i still have a lot of stuff to clear out or take action on.

when i was at the university of maryland football game a few weeks ago, i was thinking about the school and the campus itself and started to think “maybe i should apply to grad school”… but it didn’t help that one of my faculty advisors back at umbc had told me that i’m going to want to go to grad school, even if i didn’t think i wanted to yet.

also, one thing that i really wish that i did but never had the chance to do (damn work!!) was go to school / work overseas. if i had left my job then my tuition reimbursement would be wiped out, which is why i never did. but BUNAC says that if you’re a graduate, then you’re eligible after your final full-time semester (which my last semester was), as long as you’re set up by december 31 2008. if i’m doing a job search anyway, then why not? but there’s a lot of caveats regarding this and how i’d pay for certain things now and once i get back. there’s so many uncertanties that it’s not a practical idea, which really sucks since it’s something that i really wished that i could have done. 🙁

FUCK. life is hard!