#5143 – this is why we can't have nice things

i’m wondering where / how they got a full uncropped version of the photo (note the girl to the left has part of her leg cut off in my crop). did i send any leagues the full uncropped version? did i have it uploaded anywhere uncropped? is it just photoshop magickery? hm. could it be a similar photo (kind of like this, but from the same angle)? doubt it.

i’ve had photos used without permission before, but this is the first time anything has actually had a price attached to it.

and to top it off, from looking at my photo library on my computer it seems that the heartland havoc images were among the photos that were lost by my computer when one of my old hard drives died, so all i’ve got is the version that’s up on flickr to go off of. wish i still had the old RAW original… *grumble*


  1. My money is on Photoshop trickery, though it’s hard to tell definitively from the size of their sample that it is the same shot and not just from the same angle/time.

    My guess is they painted the leg in because, and correct me if I’m wrong- the wheels on the ‘missing’ foot should be blue, not red/orange.

    Unless she wears skates like I wear socks, that’s what screams ‘robbery and modification’ to me. Get yo’ money, son!

  2. Absolutely the same photo, too close to be coincidence.

    This is one of those things I’d approach as politely as possible. If you get in touch with them, you may be dealing with a person who didn’t actually design the pin, and they may feel pretty bad about it.

    If they’re jerks about it, you can worry about proving ownership. But most of the time, judging by the situations where I’ve seen this, you don’t have to. <:

  3. Dude — this is all over the Gotham boards — you should contact Hambone stat. He wrote and had the company pull the pin, because not only was it one with Gotham girls used without their permission, but use of GGRD for political endorsements violates their non-profit status.

    Their reply:

    “You are right, totally right, about the use of that photo. I guess I was on a roll in coming up with a line of these things and got carried away. My fiancé and I are great friends with the Columbus Roller Girls and, through conversation and drinks, were asked to do one for Roller Girls. I saw this pic and was like “ooh! Perfect!” Not thinking about who took the photo or who was init, let alone the ethos behind the charitable organization that you all represent. I was thinking of making another button for Roller Girls with just an image of a four-wheeled skate in place of the photo I used. Actually, I was wondering if you had another suggestion for the name to use for these women, because Roller Girls kick ass and I gotta give them some rep.

    I’m sorry. For real. Thank you for the heads up. “

    That’s NOT COOL!


  4. jesus christ, when people do that to pat i find them and beat their faces in. can you get them in a shit ton of trouble, and then ask for a percentage of the money they make off of the pins?