#5141 – better charge up my kindle, drink some beers, eat some peanuts and have my towel handy

me: i went to get some cereal and realized i had forgotten to put my clothes for work in the wash

whammywah: haha

me: so i was downstairs putting the stuff in the washing machine and a cricket jumped on the back of my neck and freaked me out

me: i don’t know where it came from, haha

whammywah: i did my laundry tonight

whammywah: oh man

whammywah: that’s the cricket that was keeping you up the other night

whammywah: he was like “HOW DARE YOU MAKE A TWEET ABOUT ME, ATTACK”

me: there’s a ton of them in the basement

me: bahahhahahahhaha

whammywah: chuckles

me: he’s probably trying to get vengeance for his brother or something

whammywah: haha


me: oh snap 1 hour until that thing might turn on

me: i’ll be doing my laundry

me: and a black hole will appear

me: and i’ll be all “fuck, i forgot about that, guess there wasn’t any point in doing my laundry”

whammywah: hahaha

whammywah: well if the world ends

whammywah: might as well do it now

whammywah: before i have to go to work tomorrow

me: at least i’ll have clean pants

me: for the end of the world

whammywah: don’t make me suffer through the end of the world during or after a shitty day of work

whammywah: do it now

whammywah: clean pants are crucial


me: lol, somebody tried to sabotage the large hadron collider

me: by sticking two beer bottles in the pipe that the beam was supposed to go around in

me: oh, wait, it was the predecessor to the LHC

me: “While working on the LHC’s predecessor, a machine called the Large-Electron Positron Collider, engineers found two beer bottles wedged into the beam pipe – a deliberate, one-off act of sabotage. The culprits – who were drinking a particular brand which advertising once claimed would “refresh the parts other beers cannot reach” – were never found.”

whammywah: hahahaa

whammywah: now that would be the end of the world

whammywah: “well the big bang would have worked, but this bottle of natty boh opened up a gate to hell”

me: hahahaha

point of reference for the subject line of this post. only about 2 hours to go before it’s switched on! of course, the world won’t come to an end because they’re only going to send one beam around when it’s switched on, and they’re not going to be doing any colliding at this point. no, that of course won’t happen until thursday, since arthur dent could never get the hang of thursdays.

i’ve been getting interested in particle and theoretical physics after listening to the feynman lectures at work the other day, even before i knew they’d be firing up the LHC. it’s interesting stuff!