#### – what i was up to yesterday…

01:51 (Now I finally get a chance to clean up some spaghetti HTML without going nuts in the process!)

10:19 Motoring Advisor is going to see if my car can be expedited for pickup today without pissing off others. Somehow I’m not optimistic. 🙁

12:56 ROFL, guess what publication wants to use my images now? (Hint: it’s an elementary school periodical.)

14:14 Woohoo! Car should be ready this afternoon! Now I hope work will let me out a few hours early to go get it.

22:50 Nobody guessed the periodical that wants to use my photo. It’s, for an article on working in an aquarium.

23:00 So I registered today. Yes, "Glenn" but spelled with one ‘n’. Try going to it and see what happens!

23:01 (The real Glen Fitzpatrick probably hates me now. The feeling’s mutual. 😛 haha)