#### – what i was up to yesterday…

12:57 Ugh, I feel all sore and gross and bleh.

21:11 Watching womens’ volleyball.

21:42 Wish I could somehow block hearing people say/write "just sayin*", "fail", "epic *", and other such nonsense from my life. Ugh. So overused!

21:48 What’s up with McDonald’s and now KFC "perfecting" chicken sandwiches? What’s wrong with Chic-fil-a?? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Dag!!

22:40 Michael Phelps better do the Orioles’ "O!" during the national anthem, or he’s not a true Baltimorean! 😛

22:49 NBC using "Rolling and Tumbling" by R.L. Burnside as background music for a flashback clip… that’s random.