#5124 – motoring



so my motoring advisor called me at work this morning and i told him how i wouldn’t be able to pick it up on friday, and would be available today and on saturday, but he’d only be available today and not saturday. he said that he didn’t want to make any promises, but he’d see if he could get my car prepped for me so i could get it today — he didn’t want to make any promises because he didn’t want to bump off anybody who was already scheduled to take delivery today — and that he’d call me back once he had an update.

i wasn’t very optimistic until i got a call back from him at about 2 pm to say that it should be ready today, so i took off of work for the last 3 hours of my shift so i could go get it, since he’d be there until 5 but he said that he could wait until my arrival at 6 after work if necessary. when i told him that i was able to get out of work early, he told me to come by at 4 so we could take care of everything.

it took a little over 2 hours to get things all set because the car was still being prepped when i got there, and they had only one guy who could do the finance and paperwork, and he had to keep running back and forth between the BMW and MINI showrooms.

when my motoring advisor and i were going over how i’d pay, i mentioned this letter i received from the general manager of the dealership about a month ago that basically said that the dealership is under new ownership, and they understand that the previous owners sucked, so to make it up to me as a new customer i could pick one of these three:

  • 20% off next paid scheduled maintenance
  • if leasing a new or pre-owned BMW, first two payments up to $600 are on the dealership
  • if buying a new car, take $1200 off

    so i mentioned the $1200 off, and my motoring advisor told me that was apparently only for BMW owners (which i thought was weird, since it didn’t say anything like that on the sheet, and even said “BMW and MINI of annapolis”), so i said “oh well” and figured i’d put it aside and maybe email the general manager later to see if that was really the case; i didn’t make any scene or anything. the motoring advisor then talked with the MINI sales manager and came back to me and said that to make it up to me, they’d process my car as a trade a certain way (or something like that, i’m not exactly sure) so it’d save me $600 off the tax, throw in a set of floor mats (but they were going to do that anyway, since they asked me what type of mats i wanted from the start), and said that i could pick out anything from the accessories booklet, “as long as it’s not a set of wheels or something” (since a set of wheels is about $1600 to $3500).

    i wasn’t sure at all what i wanted — my eye caught things like a bike rack (but what am i going to do with a bike rack, when i barely ride my bike?), umbrellas and other kitchy accessories. i thought about getting a rubber boot mat for the trunk to keep stuff i put in there from messing up the carpet, and decided to think bigger and more handy… a MINI cuckoo clock!

    but then i figured i’d think even bigger… OH SHIT SON, MINI COOPER PORTABLE GPS. i doubted they’d say yes to that, but you can’t shoot the moon if you don’t aim for the stars, so when they asked what i wanted, i told them the GPS looked nice, and when my motoring advisor asked what my second choice would be i told him about the cuckoo clock. my reasoning was also that the offer was for $1200, and they were saving me $600 off my taxes, and this would make another ~$600 so it’d be about the same deal, and the sales manager totally went for it! i have to pay for installation for the mount and the wiring (takes 1 hour, so $118 or so), but they just added that cost into the price of the car too so i won’t have to pay out of pocket. we just need to schedule a date to get it installed, maybe a week from saturday. sweet!

    so we went through the options on the car and MAN OH MAN, i thought my old MINI was the car of the future, but i was totally wrong… this thing is totally awesome. hell, i don’t even need to take my keys out of my pocket at all for anything — approach the door, click a button on the handle to unlock, push a button to start and stop the car. nice! not sure if it’s the turbo compared to my old supercharger, or the increased horsepower, but it’s got a lot more oomph than my old one did. feels a bit roomier too. would like to get this one tinted like my old one, but will maybe wait a little bit until i figure out job future details, since in places where i may find a job (such as dc, virginia or even california, who knows), maryland lets you tint all windows except your windshield with tint that lets in 35% of the light, and other states are more restrictive (may only let in 50%, or even let in only 70% of the light – dumb since that’s basically no tinting at all – or the front driver and passenger windows can’t be tinted, or other dumb stuff… i like how it looks and feels with all-around 35% tint, dammit!).

    now i have to keep it under 4000 revs and 100 miles per hour for the next 1200 miles as i break the engine in. joy.