#5123 – almost there!

10 days left to go! final stretch!

i think my computer security professor may be taking the class out for pizza and beer after class next wednesday, hahaha… that’d be neat.

no word yet on the car, but i’ve seen it at the dealership! after class today i went to the dealer to see what the status was, and my salesman had already left for the day. another motoring advisor there looked it up and said that my car was there (i thought i had noticed it when i pulled into the lot — it’s not as easy to notice as my old car, hahaha), and checked to see if it was all ready and didn’t find a key with its stuff, meaning it still needs to be prepped. apparently they received about 18 or so MINIs the other day, and it takes about an hour or so to prep each one. he said my motoring advisor wouldn’t be there on saturday, but would be there tomorrow and friday, and i told him that i’d be able to make it there tomorrow and saturday, but i won’t be able to go there on friday because of the baseball game that i won free tickets for at work. so, by process of elimination, thursday would be the logical pickup day! he’s going to have my motoring advisor call me in the morning and i may see if he can get my car moved up to the front of the prep line so i can get it after work. after i pick it up, i may be going up to baltimore for a beer or two at bad decisions for cynicalscribe and johnhr11‘s birthday.

i peered into the car while at the dealership, and it looks pretty nice! needs to be cleaned up, there’s some smudges from folks looking at it and handling it, and needs to have its transport stickers removed, but it looks awesome and oh so close now!

i tried out coda last night and thought it was alright. tried it again tonight when making the latest changes to the site, and this program is AWESOME. editing, uploading, previewing, and all sorts of other site-maintenance goodies all in one app. sweet! hadn’t had it for more than 24 hours, and already i’ve licensed a copy for myself. my new temporary goal is to clean up the site, instead of redesigning it from scratch — make the html code a lot easier to read, clean out redundant tags, simplify things. as i do so i hope i may find some things that i can optimize up a bit better and keep this same layout and design.