#5119 – and so i return

so in my first day back to work in about a week my coworkers who were covering for me while i was away pretty much immediately told me upon my arrival how they were so glad that i was back because they don’t care for my job at all, and how they don’t envy me for job at all either — they jokingly say that they don’t want me to leave on vacation ever again because my job sucks so much. that’s all well and good, but i’m the one who has to do my job when i’m there (even though i did it for most of today while feeling pretty distant about it). my manager said that means at least i have job security, but if you look at it that way, even a garbageman has job security since i doubt many people want his job. 😛

joke’s on them, though — there’s 31 days in august, and including weekends i’m not in the office for 17 of those days… i’m only at work for 14 days in all of august. ha-ha!

the dealership closed for the day about 15 minutes ago, and i didn’t get any calls about the car. guess i’m not getting it today, and i’d hazard a guess that tomorrow is suspect as well.