#5118 – august just needs to hurry up and happen already

so on saturday i cleaned up the basement, took care of homework for 2 of my 3 classes that would be due on sunday (since i didn’t want to be stuck on my birthday doing homework). once that was all done then i went up to bad decisions for some brewskis the night before on producer_chris‘s tab, then went over to cynicalscribe‘s place so she could give me my birthday present: motoring snax (chocolate bars and swedish fish), motoring cleaning supplies (wipes and polishing goop for the car), and an itunes gift card for motoring tunes. 🙂

sunday was lazing around until we came to annapolis to go out to dinner at the italian market in town, and then home for cake (here’s us with what’s left of the cake — anne made it, and it’s got an owl on it because my alter ego is an owl named “frank jones”, apparently).

it was kind of funny for my birthday some of the emails i got. like, i signed up for a savings account with ing direct, and they sent me a birthday message with a coupon for 15% off of stuff in the ing direct shop.

today was my last day of vacation before i go back to work on tuesday. i kind of would have liked to get a haircut, or go to the pool. it was a really nice day out today. but unfortunately i got a late start to my day, and i wanted to be ready to go to the dealership as soon as i got word that my car was ready for pickup. about 4 pm i got tired of waiting and called the dealership and they said my car hadn’t even yet arrived (even though the online status said that it was estimated to be delivered to the dealership on 8/1/2008), and even then it still needs to be inspected before they could have me pick it up.

but august really needs to hurry up and happen already. not only for my car to finally show up, but i’ve got only 12 days left now until my degree is done and i can start looking for another job — as far as i know and can tell, they won’t give me a pay raise or anything like that once i get my degree, and i’m sick of what i do and want a different work culture and want to do something that actually uses my skills instead of just sitting there answering emails for someone else. but i can’t leave this job until i finish my degree, and so i have to stick out this last week and a half.

the problem is, i just don’t know where around here i’d enjoy working, and if i were to get a job elsewhere i don’t know how i’d like leaving people i know here to move somewhere else. :/ i guess that’s a bridge that’ll be crossed when it gets here.