#5108 – and that's for those of you not interested in pirates

this song amuses me. i really like fantastic plastic machine, but good luck trying to find any albums available anywhere, whether in-store or for online download. i’ve got one or three albums myself, but the only places that really sell the albums are all over in japan and you have to import the albums and pay import prices. lame! enter pandora for my iphone… i created a fantastic plastic machine “station”, and when listening to some tracks at the computer i ran an audio cable from the iphone’s headphone jack to the input on my computer and recorded the stream so i could trim down and save a track or two for myself. yeah, yeah, naughty me, but oh well.

oh yeah, what amuses me about this track is that part of the lyrics rap out: “i’m sticky, filthy, icky — need calgon… take me away…

in other musical shadyness, i really like the radio station 103.1 WRNR. i find that they have a good variety of music that you can’t really find anywhere else. the problem is i can’t listen to them at work on my radio (because it’s a bit far away, and i can barely tune in any radio stations at my new desk now), and i can’t go to their site to access the internet radio station. i found a program for the iphone that can stream internet radio streams over the air, but the radio stream for this station is flash-based and can only work in the web browser. so, i have a radio tuned to 103.1 sitting in my bedroom at home, and that’s plugged in from its headphone jack into my computer, and i have a nicecast server running. now, whenever i want to listen to 103.1 WRNR, i can tune in from anywhere in the country (or world, even) to listen to the radio station beamed out on a 96kbps stereo stream over the internet from my desktop computer, all from a radio sitting in my bedroom. it’s quite ingenious, actually. right now it’s been “on the air” for the last 102 hours and 45 minutes exactly, and it barely uses any CPU when streaming, and only uses bandwidth when i connect to it directly to listen. i’m really impressed with the capabilities of the iphone. it even works well with this stream over the slower EDGE network, and works great on the 3G network and over wi-fi too.

anyway, i should go to bed. i didn’t get to bed last night until super-late and kept waking up in the middle of the night. i had to complete 20 questions for my SQL homework and 5 pages of a case study on disaster recovery by midnight last night, and i was only able to turn in 10 of the homework questions and 4 pages of the report. i’m not proud of it, but oh well… 19 days now. after all that was done at midnight, i had to work on an open-book midterm for my computer and network security class. i’m glad i remembered that my ol’ project management instructor said he’d be teaching this course since i needed this last course to graduate, and he’s also great since he’s a real student’s instructor — when we were talking about papers we have to turn in, he said that now that the midterm is done we can just turn them in anytime, “just don’t turn them both in on the last day of class because then i’ll be in grading hell.” he also said that these papers should only be 2-5 pages long, “but no more than 5 because i don’t want to read that much. it’s important that you’re learning, but i’m sure you don’t want to write these things as much as i don’t want to have to read them”, bahahahaha…

ok, off to bed with me. work tomorrow, then a roller derby meeting for harm city homicide if i can remember to go. then vacation from wednesday through monday, and my new mini should arrive sometime this week! it just arrived at the vehicle distribution center on saturday, was unloaded on sunday, and should be getting processed during the next day or two… but if you’ve been following the car’s twitter account, then you’d already know this! (i tried to set up loudtwitter to repost my tweets for my regular twitter on here since i’ve been so busy lately, but that doesn’t seem to be working. hrmph.)

ok, enough puttering around, time for bed.