#5105 – catching up

so in the last week (has it really been a whole week since i’ve updated? holy crap!)…

friday: went pants-shopping with cynicalscribe, and ended up having to order pants online from the gap’s website. afterwards, carrie and i went to outback steakhouse to use a $50 gift certificate i found while cleaning my room that i got for being employee of the month when i worked in the store channel about 4 years ago. lucky for me it never expires, and lucky for us we magically picked the right combination of foods and booze to end up with a bill of $48 and change, so we only had to put cash in for the tip.

saturday: i broke down (well, not really, since i really wanted one) and got myself a 3G iphone. yeah, so i work for a competitor, blah blah whatever. my blackberry was really bugging me in the last few months, and after getting a little bit of water under the keypad and in the trackball which mostly dried up but still causes odd behavior, it’s worth it to me to lose the employee discount (which wasn’t that great in recent months after some changes they made) and gain a phone that is much nicer to use and actually syncs with my mac without having to use buggy third-party software to do so. (also, you wouldn’t believe the amount of sales anti-iphone almost-propaganda they send us at work, or maybe you would. it really annoys me: let folks get a phone that works the way they want one to work for themselves! so many of the ones out now have similar features, but when i looked at what their capabilities actually are — no mac support, mediocre web browsers, etc. — i definitely think this is a superior phone to most ones we have now, if not all of the ones we now sell.) the only bad thing about getting the phone? THE FIVE HOUR WAIT. DAG! at least, the line didn’t seem to be that long, but folks weren’t prepared for their credit checks and all sorts of other stuff that delayed the process. once i got in and they helped me, it took me literally 10 minutes at most for the sales/activation process, and they let me go home to do my own unboxing. i was so ready to punch the girl in line behind me too, whining the entire time she was in line with her mom and her dad, and making them hold her spot in line while she’d go off shopping elsewhere. made single-serving friends with the couple ahead of me (who made my decision easier by buying the last two 16 GB black phones, leaving me to get a 16 GB white version — sk8bette was totally right, it doesn’t look anywhere near as gross as the black version does with fingerprints on the back). saw an old coworker that works at the vzw kiosk walking through the mall with inventory, and i think he saw me. maybe i should have worn a fake mustache as a disguise…

after that it was hang out with zenmetsu, kat, mytinyworld and bruno_boy (and later cynicalscribe), and we went out to eat at the silver diner in laurel. the tgi friday’s next door seemed like it was going to burn down when several fire trucks showed up.

sunday: not too much, did homework and school projects.

monday: work, class… nothing special. the coworkers i sit with at lunch found out about my new iphone, which was pretty funny:

me: *sitting at end of lunch table*

coworkers: *sit at other end* “hey, glenn! come join us!”

me: *moves over to coworkers*

coworker A: *talking about E3 expo* “doesn’t apple have their own expo?”

me: “well, kinda, they have macworld expo. and speaking of apple, you may want me to go sit back down over at the end of the table again…”

coworker A: “…what did you do???”

me: *looks sheepish* “well……… i bought something this weekend.”

coworker A: “…”

me: “…something you might not be very happy about.”

coworker A: “………oh. …oh. OH. i see.”

coworker B: “huh?”

coworker A: “glenn says he bought something. something from apple.”

coworker B: “so?”

me: “it syncs with my computer so much better than my blackberry did!”

coworker A: “he’s a mac user… it syncs better than his blackberry…”

me: “…the company’s logo looks like the death star…”

coworker A: “…apple came out with a new phone this weekend…”

coworker B: “oh no! glenn! come back from the dark side!” *starts doing darth vader impressions*

i don’t go to extremes to hide it, but i’m not using it as much as i used my blackberry at work and don’t flaunt it… though i noticed another guy on my team also has one, though the original EDGE version and not the 3G like mine.

tuesday: my new mini (unofficially named “our lady of blessed acceleration”, or OLOBA for short) was supposed to be shipped, but was bumped off of its ship (“otello”), and rescheduled for the ship “fedora” leaving on the 21st that wouldn’t arrive in new york city until the 31st. check out the car’s twitter account or its tumblr blog with additional info if you want to keep up with all of the details. watched all of the all-star game (yes, all 15 innings of it).

wednesday: work, class… class is scheduled from 6 to 9:50 PM, but it only takes us an hour or two and then we get to go home.

thursday: work. had a meeting with my supervisor about my workload since it’s crazy with a lot of the stuff i’m expected to do. some things make sense now that i’ve been told that i’m pretty much the inbox for the associate director for customer service, but it’s still a lot of balls. can’t wait to get a new job elsewhere, especially since i have to do so much stuff and my pay does not make up for the stress i have to put up with. traffic was incredibly bad everywhere on the way home from work, seemingly in all directions. pants arrived in the mail, but they’re too big and i’ll have to return them. textbook finally arrived in the mail from the shipper.

…and that brings me to now. my car has been rescheduled yet again (now it’s on “figaro”, scheduled to leave on the 18th and arrive in new york city on the 26th). work will have a town hall meeting tomorrow for our second quarter results. rumor at work is a customer got in past security some time recently and wandered about unchallenged and made it to a data team and demanded an explanation of their bill, so now they’re all about security badges and such now. i’ve got 30 days now until i’m done with my degree — less than a month to go! we’re planning a party for august 30 (or whatever that last saturday in august is) so feisty_fitz and i can have friends over to celebrate, so mom’s asking me to let her know who to invite so she can make invitations — if you’re really interested in partying with me to celebrate 8 years of higher education being done, let me know so i can add you to this list for invites. cynicalscribe and i are going to king’s dominion on saturday; hooray for the italian job roller coaster! i’ve got all sorts of emails to go through, but it’s not as bad as it was a month or so ago. it’s time to go to bed now, and i hope these gnats that keep flying around here don’t bother me.