#5098 – always be closing

tv: “i’m eatin’ texas beef brisket and i’ve got a texas ack-sent…. lemme try the st. louis ribs… listen to me, i’m from st. louis…”

me: “i’m eatin’ beanie-weenies and i sound like… a weenie.”

mom & dad: “YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!”

tv: “the navy trusts me with multi-million dollar equipment, but when it came time to get an auto loan, most lenders looked at me like i was just another kid… navy federal gave me the new auto loan i needed – thanks navy federal!” *CHANGE FOCUS TO HAWT GIRL LOOKING HAWT IN PASSENGER SEAT WHILE GUY IS TALKING ABOUT HIS AUTO LOAN. DID WE MENTION THE GIRL IS HAWT? TOTALLY HAWT*

oh, navy federal. never mind that i got my auto loan through them both times.

i can’t be the only one to want it to be the 4th of july already just so i don’t have to hear that kid singing off-key in the southwest airlines commercials anymore.

also, i have no idea when it arrived – dad found it while going through mail that arrived while he was away, but i never saw it so maybe it arrived today, or maybe feisty_fitz put it in the box of mail – but i just got a letter from the auto dealership saying now that they’ve changed ownership from tate to group 1 (the actual change took place about a month or so ago). they seem to realize that a lot of folks didn’t like tate much, so they’re offering any one of these three as a new customer to group 1:

  • 20% discount off next scheduled paid maintenance
  • $1200 discount off of next vehicle purchase
  • your first 2 monthly payments up to $600 are on them when purchasing any new or pre-owned BMW

hmm… $1200 discount?? i hope i can get them to work this in to the order, because this deal is getting sweeter and sweeter, especially since i got $1500 more than i expected to get for the car!