#5093 – 0.507

after work today i drove straight to the ballpark so stueypark and i could see the o’s play against the houston astros. the only other game i had been to this season was opening day, but i had to go to this one since it was “wild bill hagy appreciation night” (even if that wasn’t the official name for it), and the first 10,000 fans received t-shirt jerseys — #34, for section 34 — with “HAGY” written across the back. it was also kind of fitting that all of the shirts were extra-large too. 😛 haha

i was kind of surprised, now that the construction is complete, you can’t see the bromo-seltzer tower AT ALL from our seats behind home plate! 🙁

What happened to my Camden Yards?!

the game itself was good. there was some girl sitting next to us who was cheering for the astros (she seemed to be there by herself), and the fans around us respected her for cheering for her team among us. she said that at least she got her picture taken with the oriole bird, so at least she has some cred with the oriole fans.

we almost saw an umpire charge the mound too, that would have been amusing… we thought that the pitcher was ejected, but apparently not. the fans were also annoyed when one of the orioles was intentionally walked, prompting me to jeer “even my grandmother can intentionally walk someone!”

there were some fans who had dressed up like wild bill hagy, complete with hats and fake beards — one of them won fan of the game, hahaha:

Well, who else deserved to win?

there were only about 21,000 fans at the park, but in the later innings when we came from behind to win it was tremendous how much the fans were supporting the team and reminded me a lot of this clip.

on my way in to the stadium, i saw bulldozers and such preparing dirt to make tracks for the dew tour that will be in baltimore soon. after the game there were some people on dirtbikes trying out the track, pretty neat to see:

my throat is now hoarse and my hands are sore from clapping, but we won 6-5 and we’re now 35-34 for the year, and the weather was perfect for a baseball game, so it was definitely worth it. i think i may try to go to thursday’s game as well — it’s nick markakis bobblehead night! 😀