#5092 – might as well not repeat myself

From: Glenn Fitzpatrick

Date: June 16, 2008 3:25:04 AM EDT

To: “Mary Fitzpatrick”

Subject: Re: Hello from Malta!

On Jun 16, 2008, at 2:32 AM, Mary Fitzpatrick wrote:


We are having the best time ever. Wish you were here.

How are things going with your Mini?

Have you found a new apartment yet? Are you going to wait a few months and live at home for a while?

I will check back later this evening, Rome time.



Yay! Glad you’re having a fun time.

The MINI is doing even worse now — as of Thursday, my passenger-side window doesn’t want to roll down, though you can hear a motor trying to work when you hit the switch to open it. Once that happened, I began thinking that the A/C problem may actually be an electrical issue, and it all makes sense then, since everything else that has seemed to be weird with the car was due to electrical issues – I doubt that hitting a raccoon would make the A/C stop working over a year later, especially when the A/C was working fine for several months afterwards. I’m going to take it in to the body shop today for the insurance appointment I had already scheduled, and then I’m not sure but I may take it over to the dealer and see what I can get to trade it in, because even if it is an electrical issue, from talking with some other MINI owners there’s nothing to definitely say that replacing something like the wiring harness will fix the issue. So we’ll see. My driver’s side door also doesn’t want to unlock all the way, but that seems more of a mechanical issue that the heat may be causing since it works sometimes without problem. I may try popping off the panel on the door to look at the mechanism if I get a chance today.

Not sure about an apartment yet. One of my coworkers says she lives at the place where Carrie used to live in Columbia and she said that the management is changing for the worse, so that’s two management changes since Carrie lived there and it doesn’t sound like it’s done well since then, so I think that place is off my list. I’m supposed to have another interview for the position with the executive relations team at work this week, but I still haven’t found out if I get the position if there’ll be a raise or not, so I’ll be at the house for the time being. I’m moving stuff back little by little while you’re all away so when you return it’ll just be a matter of moving the larger stuff.

We also haven’t had any A/C at the apartment either for about the last month. We’ve reported it several times to both the front office and the emergency number, and they keep claiming that it’ll be fixed, and they’ve said that it needs a part but there’s been no sign of the part they said they needed or the window A/C unit they’re supposed to give us to use in the meantime. We’ve even called the Montgomery County office of landlord/tenant affairs on Thursday since they say that landlords don’t have to provide air conditioning, but if they do then they have to keep it in working order per housing code enforcement, but there’s been no word back from them yet either, so I’m going to try to call them back today. I’m hoping that we might be able to get back some/all of the rent for this last month since it’s been going on for so long.

That’s about it. Cats and fish are doing fine. Crackers says “hi” to Anne. Kelly says she doesn’t have access to internet yet, but she also sent me a text message to say that the van is parked in lot B – get off at stop #8 and it’s directly across from the lightpole N4.

See ya!

– Glenn