#5091 – yay insurance

STILL no a/c in the apartment. zenmetsu says that he called up the apartment complex angry yesterday and they said that they’d bring by a window a/c unit. surprise, surprise – no a/c unit arrived yesterday, and there’s still nothing here today. LAME.

i called the auto insurance this afternoon after work and told them how it might seem a bit weird that hitting a raccoon over a year ago has caused the a/c to crap out in the car now. they were very nice about it and offered to have someone come out to look at it while i’m at work and appraise it, but since my parking lot is kind of secured and since i have monday off from work i told them i’d bring it by the auto shop on monday to have it checked out. they asked if bruno_boy and i were wearing our seatbelts and if anybody needed medical assistance after the incident and i said “no… well, the raccoon probably did,” bahahaha…

they say that if i have it repaired at one of their locations then it’ll be 100% under warranty for the time that i own the car. would be kind of funny if i end up trading it in right after i get it fixed, hah. 😛