#5090 – my car wants me to drive it more often, i guess

my car doesn’t seem to want to entirely unlock the driver’s side door. after i either flip the unlock button on the dashboard, or pull the door handle twice on the inside, it causes the lock to pop up, but it doesn’t entirely pop up. i can keep pulling on the driver’s side door handle on the inside and it won’t let me out, not until i reach over and pull the lock up the rest of the way. it’s really odd. maybe it’s because of this heat?

hm. i wonder how it is that i can still open the driver’s side door from the outside after unlocking it, then?

i should take the door paneling off this weekend and see if i can figure out what’s wrong with the mechanism.

i’m actually at the house in annapolis now, since feisty_fitz locked herself out this afternoon. soon we’re going to head over to cynicalscribe‘s place (where i was once locked inside the house!).

yup, whole lotta lockin’ goin’ on. actually, since i need to get my a/c fixed, bodywork fixed and fiddle with this lock, i may just stop by the dealership this weekend and see what it might involve if i decide to trade my car in, and what sort of offer they may make me.