#5086 – that raccoon is the gift that keeps on giving

i took my car in to the shop today so they could change the oil and fix the a/c unit — i haven’t had air conditioning in my car for several months now, and since this weekend the temperature is super-hot it’s definitely time to get it taken care of. they couldn’t do the oil change until monday since they’ll need a filter that they won’t have until then, and they said they could take a look at the a/c unit and if it needed only a freon recharge then they could get that taken care of today (but it’d cost $105 just to look at it).

turns out there’s plenty of freon in there, but the compressor is smashed, and that’s preventing the coolant from running through there. they don’t have a part and won’t be able to locate one until monday, and they’re not sure how much the part itself will cost, but it’ll cost $184 just to install it in addition to however much it’ll cost for the part itself. the current compressor is smashed in right where the bumper was dented in when i ht that raccoon months ago — it’s actually longer ago than i thought, more than a year ago now! the reason why i didn’t try to get things fixed then was because it still ran ok, it seemed like it was only cosmetic, and i didn’t want to have to try to get this fixed and possibly incur a charge against my insurance.

i’ve since found out that hitting things like raccoons is covered and doesn’t count against the insurance, so that’s good. i paid the $105 today, the installation would make it almost $300, and who knows how much that part costs. looks like it’s time to file a claim to get it fixed, since if the insurance covers it then i may as well have the bodywork in the front repaired since that’s not secured on the front passenger side at all and i’ve just pushed it into place, but i’d like to have it fixed if i’ll be trading it in at some time.

although, it’s kind of weird for the a/c unit to crap out now, more than a year after that incident, since it was working through the summer last year, but i dunno how these things really operate anyway.