#5084 – one two three

i just finished watching “the taking of pelham one two three” on bruno_boy‘s recommendation — he mentioned it to me last saturday, i added it to my netflix queue, it arrived a day or two ago and i just finished watching it now. what a good movie! quentin tarantino used it as inspiration for some parts of “reservoir dogs”:

boy, i love netflix (even though it’s apparently also for rent and purchase on itunes, heh.) huh, they’re making a new version of it for theaters in 2009? hope it’s better than the made-for-tv version from 9 years ago!

the a/c is still out here at the apartment; it’s super-stuffy and hot in here. ugh.

i’m trying out jungledisk — it’s a backup system that uses the amazon s3 service to store your data offsite. sure, i’ve got local backups, but in case all my gear here goes kaput in a fire or gets stolen, at least this way i’ll still have a copy of my data offsite. at the rate it’s transferring my information, though, it’ll take about 55 days to get all this stuff offsite. 😛

i got word at work today that i passed the assignment i had to do for the position i applied for, and tomorrow i’ve got the actual interview. that’s good, but i’m not looking forward to wearing a suit in this heat tomorrow, either.