#5083 – steve's lost that lovin' feelin'

oh yeah, i forgot about this:

so i had this dream the other night — i finally got to see a steve jobs keynote (“stevenote”) in person, and i managed to snag a front row seat. it was in a large auditorium, as usual. however, there were only a few dozen people there to see the presentation, and since they were all scattered about the hall, steve figured that it had to be held in a smaller venue so it wouldn’t appear so pathetic to have such a small number of people there to see his presentation.

so we moved to a smaller venue, but even less people showed up than before. so again, we had to change to a smaller venue. we changed to smaller and smaller venues about 3 or 4 times with the crowd shrinking each time until i was the only person left, and steve wanted me to stay and listen to his speech so badly he ended up treating me to a pizza party with just the two of us (by this time the venue had become the back corner of some pizzeria, and we were relegated to the stand-up tables — we didn’t even get seats!).

unfortunately, it seemed that even the pizza couldn’t make up for the lack of reality distortion field (it was a pretty sad dream, really), and the next thing i knew i was hanging out with some woman instead for a business meeting. i didn’t know who she was supposed to be until she and i said goodbye after our conference and i found myself saying “goodbye mrs. jobs!”, haha.