#5077 – trouble every day

last night bruno_boy, spelchec, festive and i went to bertucci’s for pizza for dinner, and i don’t know what it was about that pizza, but it left me all gassy and upset-stomachey when i tried to go to bed, and this morning it was still having some gastrointestinal effects on me — no more gas, but still feeling pretty ill — so i called in sick to work. i don’t know what it was (maybe i don’t agree with that cheese? cynicalscribe said maybe it was the grease? food poisoning? maybe it was because it was so hot in here last night? the a/c is either busted or needs a new air filter or both, who knows…), but i wasn’t really enjoying life when i got up this morning.

feisty_fitz sent a text message later to say that savannah the cat was put down this morning. i could tell that savannah wasn’t doing well in the last month or so — she had lost a lot of weight and only wanted to sprawl out on the kitchen floor, she wasn’t active at all and her pupils seemed very dilated — and i said to mom a few days ago that she should be taken to the vet. apparently she had some sort of tumor and couldn’t really breathe when eating or drinking, so that was why she’d lost a lot of weight and was dehydrated. poor kitty, i felt so bad for her not being well… i’m not really that upset about it since i’m glad she’s not suffering any more and kinda expected this to happen. still, its sad. poor kitty. 🙁

UMUC emailed me to say that IFSM 430, the information systems security class, will count for the final class for my degree. thats good, all i need to do now is submit a request to have work pay for it.

after i called in sick to work i fell back asleep, and after i woke up later feeling less ill i spent most of the day getting things organized for my three current classes. wish i didn’t have to work this semester, it’s going to be a hassle enough trying to work and take 9 or 12 credits at the same time.

time for bed, think i’ll get to sleep a little early tonight.

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