#5072 – 123

just got official word that i do need to take 3 more IFSM classes to graduate.

Your residency credits in the major must equal 15 or you will not meet your graduation requirements for your major.

One option: If you choose to take CMST 303, we can use it in place of the IFSM 201 requirement, using your IFSM 201 class to meet you residency requirement in the major.

Otherwise, you will need to take another IFSM course.

Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. I can assist you with registration on Tuesday,if necessary. You may also call in tommorow from 830-2 for assistance from our advising staff.

i doubt i’ll be able to get one for the entire summer session, but if i’m lucky i may be able to get a class for the second summer session. that’ll be a joy, 3 classes already underway and taking a full course load for half of the semester. fuck!