#5067 – shades of boiler room

so i spent this evening signing up on careerbuilder and monster, and updated my profile on linkedin. of all three of these “job” sites, i think i prefer linkedin the best because it’s not specifically a job-search site, it’s a social network that happens to help you find jobs. plus, unlike the other two sites, they don’t bug you seemingly every other page with “HAY YOU SHOULD FILL THIS OUT TO GET INFO FROM UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX / DEVRY UNIVERSITY / JOIN THE NAVY / ETC”. also, i like how much easier it is to add jobs and such to your profile on linkedin, and once you have that info added it auto-generates a pdf for you that works great as a quickie résumé that i wouldn’t be adverse to handing out in a pinch.

anyway, so i signed up on those two sites and did some editing on the third, and already i’ve got this email from “bankers life and casualty company” (slogan: “we specialize in seniors”), wanting me to come in for a “sales management training program” on how to sell financial portfolios to old folks. uhh… no.