#5058 – one last bit before the end of the semester

so my grades so far for my ethics in information systems class:

100% (current event)

98% (journal entry)

100% (journal entry)

100% (journal entry)

88% (midterm)

100% (research paper)

100% (journal entry)

that last journal entry was waived since we didn’t have time to do it, so our instructor gave us all 100%. i’m especially pleased with the research paper — i did mine on privacy with social networks. i didn’t even think that i did a great job, but my instructor told the class today before our exam that the papers were well written and definitely impressed her (which doesn’t happen often). she said that there were two big issues that she noticed:

#1: people wrote what they thought, or talked about things in the first person, or said things like “we think” or something totally bizarre like “let us discuss blah-blah-blah”. big no-nos for research papers where you’re only supposed to write about the research that you did and aren’t expected to talk about what you feel.

#2: people didn’t include in-text citations except for maybe 2 or 3 people (out of a class of 18).

i knew i didn’t do the things she mentioned in #1, and i knew i did #2 correctly (i’m surprised that i was only one of 2 or 3 people to do so), so that made me feel pretty good about it. i just checked the grade now and i’m really pleased with it. 😀

we had our final exam today — the instructor let us take it outside to complete if we wanted since it was so nice out… i figured “why not, won’t get a chance like this again!”, so i did mine outside. there were a few multiple-choice questions and true/false problems that tripped me up a little, but i think i did well.

only have one last thing to do for the end of the semester: need to finish the last reports on my project management class and submit those online tomorrow. other than that, everything else is done.

actually, while i’m logged in, lemme see my project management grades so far:

100% (project part 1)

100% (quiz 1)

95% (quiz 2)

90% (midterm exam)

project parts 2 and 3 aren’t listed in my grades online, but i seem to remember getting those back. i’ll have to double-check and email my instructor tomorrow.

technical writing:

85% (audience analysis)

88% (technical planning proposal)

100% (progress report)

90% (technical report)

no word yet on the grades for my user manual or my final exam.

who’s got two thumbs and totally rocked this semester? THIS GUY.