#5055 – huh, when did that happen?

so apparently my current GPA is 2.824. i didn’t think it was that high, but there it is.

the kicker is that if i get an ‘A’ on each of my three classes this semester (not likely, but humor me for a second), and an ‘A’ on each of my three classes i take this summer, i’ll end up with a 3.0004 GPA according to this calculator. woah!

1 B: 2.9754

2 Bs: 2.9504

3 Bs: 2.9254

4 Bs: 2.9004

5 Bs: 2.8754

6 Bs: 2.8504

even so, i’d say those are very good for someone who’s been working full time and taking classes at the same time. GPA isn’t everything, you know. but this definitely helps me out for places that i may apply for that prefer a GPA of about 3.0+.

i’m confident in As and Bs for this semester, pending the final exams and projects due this weekend — everything i can see for so far has been graded between 85% – 100%! go team me! this latest tidbit of school news definitely gives me extra incentive to want to do well through the end of this summer!

and, if i have to take one more class — i haven’t yet heard back from my advisor whether or not i’d have to take 123 credits — then at least that gives me extra leeway in bringing up my GPA. sweet, i guess!