#5051 – time to find a new place to live!

friday: someone’s driver-side window was broken in the parking lot outside the apartment

saturday: there was an armed robbery in the parking lot by the dumpster

saturday night / early sunday: someone vandalized zenmetsu‘s girlfriend’s car with red spraypaint on the hood

what really annoys me is that dan and kat found out about the armed robbery from the police officer who came to respond about kat’s car being vandalized, and that the day after the event the apartment management hadn’t yet informed the residents. the broken window was a bit easy to find out about (gee, there’s a lot of vehicle glass on the ground! i wonder what happened? oh look, it’s a day later and now there’s a car with a trash bag in place of its window!), and that may not necessarily have been vandalism (though it’s likely).

the lease is up at the end of june – time to find a new place to live! 😛 problem is i’d want to find some place that i’d be able to go month-to-month because i have no idea what i’ll be doing not even 2 months from them when i’m hopefully done with school in august.