#5048 – take some chances

man, it’s hot in here. and my mouse’s trackball doesn’t want to work well right now. booo.

anyway, my buying a canon G9 took less time than i thought. i’m off to cynicalscribe‘s place now, and then we’re going up to baltimore for dinner and then to a bar to watch tonight’s “ace of cakes” episode. we’ll have to stop at arundel mills on our way up since i just ordered a G9 to be picked up at the circuit city store there, though.

the camera itself is $440 – $500. i was going to get it from amazon, but then i’d have to wait for shipping (but i wouldn’t pay tax). or i was going to get it from penn camera, but then i’d have to pay tax (and wouldn’t have to wait for it to arrive).

what did i do? i bought it from circuit city online for $470, then was able to use a 10% coupon code off their site (yay $47 knocked off!), and then tax was $25.38. so all together, i paid as much as sells it for, without the tax, and without the shipping. hooray!

i couldn’t decide which to get first, the G9 or the 40D, but this way i’ll have something new to play with and can get the 40D in may when our boatloads of money comes in — three paychecks in one month? it’s like getting an extra paycheck! and our $600 check from the government too? hooray!

also, due to a glitch with umuc, i may need 3 more credits to graduate. that’d be 123 credits. (no 3-2-1 jokes, please!) wtf. at least my advisor says she’s going to check with the degree audit team to see if i’ll need those 3 credits or not, but that’ll take up to 2 weeks for her to get a response back. super-lame!