#5047 – busy busy busy

last friday i went home to annapolis since umuc had sent me something in the mail — turned out it was a notice reminding me i had until monday to appeal my parking ticket. anne and dad left friday night to go reenacting, so cynicalscribe came over to hang out with mom and myself while we waited for feisty_fitz to get home. we stayed up a bit too late and i ended up crashing on the couch at home.

on saturday, mom and kelly and i went to great falls to see dad and anne reenact old civil-war times when guards had to be placed up and down the canal. dad told us a story about how he got only 2 or 3 hours of sleep that night because some old lady who was really incoherent drove her car into the park, around the parking lot a few times, almost hit a few of their group’s tents, up and down the canal towpath, and almost drove her car into the canal. all this, and one of her front tires was gone and she was just on the rim because of driving on a flat tire. apparently she was also involved in a collision with a police car on the george washington parkway when she was driving the wrong way down the road, and at some time she got back out on the road, had an accident, and ended up in the park. she also said she had her “medication” in the car, and a police officer retrieved a grocery bag filled with various medicines. sheesh! they’re going to try to get her license taken away since she’s 77 years old or so.

granddaddy said he wants to visit dad at work to see his office before dad retires from the government in about 14 months. dad doesn’t want him to come to work since it’d be a hassle for granddaddy to get around, and granddaddy sounded like he just wanted to see what sort of view dad has of national airport from his office, hahahaha. oh, granddaddy.

someone hit a utility pole and knocked down wires across the entrance/exit road to the park, so we were stuck at the park for a few hours longer than i thought we’d be there.

i had a dream that night that bruno_boy, spelchec, mytinyworld and myself went on a search for food, and we were driving around annapolis. somehow a turn to where maryland hall for the arts would be ended up with us suddenly on college park’s campus. we went into the commons and the food choices were all things that seemed to serve nothing but pizza or chicken. spelchec ordered some chicken nuggets, but when the staff didn’t do anything to cook it, he and william had to go behind the counter and make the food themselves, helping-hands-style. afterwards, an old lady came over and stared at us before she suddenly left, and bruno_boy said “i wonder if we’re going to meet anyone here that isn’t a pooka?”, and i replied that everyone there seemed to be a mook.

sunday, cynicalscribe and i went out to get smoothies for midafternoon brunch, and then went to potbelly for actual food. bruno_boy called to say that he was hanging out with spelchec and festive, and so we went to hang out with them and then go visit our friend will to play “apples to apples”.

monday, i realized when i was getting ready for bed that i had left my work shoes at home, and my brown slip-on loafers were at home as well. so this week i’ve been having to wear my khakis with these brown-ish sneaker/hiking-shoe things (hey, they match better than my white and green pumas!) and have been hoping that nobody notices. went to class, got back our quiz (i got a 19 out of 20), then had to put together my research paper that was due the following day.

tuesday, nothing much except work and then class. oh! i was able to recover my folder of archived software and disc images even though i had erased the good hard drive. i still had the bad drive, and after running data rescue and diskwarrior on it a few times i was able to get it where i couldn’t restore the drive, but at least i could recover the files that were on it that i needed. hooray!

today wasn’t much either other than work, getting a little bit of stuff done for a project due on saturday, and watching the first two episodes of “the wire” (which i’m really liking so far). oh yeah, and some panicking over class requirements for school – the online progress report says i need 12 more credits in my major, but the three classes i’m going to be taking should be counted in that i believe. it’s supposed to be 15 credits, and it only shows my current project management class. i emailed my advisor to find out more about that.

i’ve been so busy this past week that it’s been rare for me to get to sleep before 3 in the morning. tonight’s like a 2:30 bedtime and that’s like going to bed early!

i’ve been adding videos to the radio krud youtube site, finding some neat stuff. i wish youtube had a better-quality version of this video — the one on youtube is pretty bad quality, and that first line is too good to let go by unnoticed.

cynicalscribe and i were thinking of going to see “2001: a space odyssey” at the AFI silver theater, but when i couldn’t tell last night if the site was being stupid or if they were all sold out of tickets for tonight’s show, we decided to postpone it since it’ll apparently be there through may 1.

i made a new flickr account. i’m still going to use my globalglenn one, but i wanted to start fresh (especially if i’ll be getting a new 40D or a G9 in the next few weeks). my previous one was also getting to be a sort of image dumping ground for large batches of pictures from events, and i wanted more of a place to share particular images (my site is good, but it’s more of a gallery/storefront than a place to share pictures). i’ve added some folks to my contact list on there already. i haven’t added many derby folks yet, but if you want to see some of my other work then feel free to add me.

i’m working things out with jazzometer, i’m going to be taking care of the charm city roller girls’ web presence. we need to do a handoff of duties first, though.

speaking of derby, tomorrow is going to be work and then an “ace of cakes” viewing party in baltimore with the charm city roller girls, since they’re going to show the roller-skate cake episode! watch it, you might see me! i think it’s on at 10:30 at night.

friday is going to be work and then my first glimpse of the new nationals baseball stadium when i go to a game with some folks from my dad’s office. should be fun!

saturday is hanging out and finishing this instruction manual for class.

busy busy busy.