#5041 – .htaccess redirect, you're my new best friend

i recently re-setup the statistics service that bruno_boy and i use for radio krud, and one thing that started to bug me after i looked at the logs was how so many people and sites would hotlink to our images. probably about 80% of these hotlinked images were this image of the new kids on the block, all thanks to a post that bruno_boy once made as a halloween scary post or maybe to talk about the group getting back together.

anyway, after some work with .htaccess, i’ve got it so if you read an rss feed of the site, or if i link to the images on livejournal, it works fine. but if you try to hotlink the images elsewhere, then you get this:

the best is when i found two actual radio stations (WIBT and WNOK) hotlinking to this picture of the new kids on the block as part of some hollywood gossip news feed they’ve got. now, not so much: