#5039 – well, great

i completed my taxes a month or so ago, but i haven’t yet submitted them. i owe $107 in federal, and should get something like $15 back from the state. so tonight i reinstall turbotax (i hadn’t had it installed since i got my new imac a month ago) and download all the updates and re-open my tax form and figured i’d submit it now.

so i’m going through it and i re-run the audit check option and it tells me that i’m at a high risk for an audit. well, crap. when i first did my taxes it said i was at a low risk. not all the way at the absolute low-end of the scale, but certainly low, and definitely below medium. this now says i’m smack in the red for a high risk of audit. mostly because i’m filing a schedule c form for my business and related issues because of that, but still… bleh. not amused.

looks like maybe this weekend i’ll be going through my tax forms with a fine-tooth comb to make sure that i’ve got supporting documentation for everything on there. joy.