#5029 – yay derby, it (hopefully) pays the bills

so i got an email in flickr today, apparently the grand raggidy roller girls are interested in using this photo as the basis for a bout poster:

Heartland Havoc Game 1


i emailed back to find out how many posters will be printed and how big will the posters be, and if they have any other planned uses for the image so that i can put together a quote for them. (i thought about maybe just letting them use it for free, or really cheap, but that’s not exactly how you run a business! i think a 75% discount for WFTDA leagues is plenty good for both the leagues and for me.)

i mean, hell, i’ve got these photo quote documents i put together the other day, i might as well hope i get a chance to use them!

(besides, my trial run of aperture 2.0 ran out, so no more photo editing until i have $200 to spare, and my flickr account is up for renewal in 4 days. :P)

good news is that we should be getting our merit increases with the first paycheck in april, so my next paycheck should have my yearly raise on it.

i also got an email yesterday from holly gohardly about a roller derby-themed art exhibit in dc in july, so i’ll have to poke around and see what i need to do to promote myself there and maybe exhibit some stuff. that’d be neat!