#5025 – fight! fight! fight!

model release? check.

photo pricing sheet? check.

photo quote sheet? check.

and they look pretty awesome, if i do say so myself. (and speaking of awesome things, another new photo is up on

now all i need is for someone to pay me for my photography! i really want to get a 40D, but first i need the cash money to buy one, so hopefully this deal works out: some dude wants me to take pictures of boxing fights for the baltimore boxing club so they can put together a calendar or a poster or something like that (they apparently were really interested in doing something once CCRG got their calendar put together, and this guy went nuts when he found out i took the photo for august (“and the girls are INSIDE the tent! drinking beer!! totally awesome!!!”).

at least i got a free ticket to the fight next week, so already i’ve got something!

i’d really like to get back into taking pictures for the sake of taking pictures, too, but i’ve just been getting annoyed with my camera and haven’t been able to think up good ideas. same with flickr… i wish there was a better way to go through and browse images other than through the site — there’s too much clicking involved. i’ve found 1001, photonic and flickrfinder, and there’s stuff about each that i like and that i don’t like. so far photonic seems the best, but there’s some issues that i can’t tell if they’re deliberate choices on the part of the developer, or that it’s only at version 1.0.1, or if it’s just incompetence. hopefully there’ll be some awesome changes for it in the future.