#5021 – bali ha'i airfare prices

you know, maybe i’ll go to bali after i graduate. the good news is that 4 nights / 5 days fits perfectly in the time that i have off from august 26 to september 1, letting me stay from august 27 – 31 and leaves time for travel there and back. plus, a swank 1-person room at the contiki resort is only $482 and includes brunch, dinner and transfer to and from the airport. plus, look at what it takes to be a millionaire!

the bad news is that round trip airfare to and from DPS? “only” $1500-$2300! that’s the cheap airfare!

on a side note, airfare is weird — some flights leave on the 25th and take 2 days to get there, and others leave on the 26th and take 1 day to get there. either way, i’d want to arrive on the 27th not too late, unlike some of these flights that would arrive at 11 pm. there’s ones that make you change in tokyo, hong kong, or seoul… here’s some examples of itineraries:



BWI – IAH – HNL – GUM – DPS (duration: 75 hours 50 min, leaves on MONDAY, arrives on THURSDAY WTF.)


at least the flights from IAD are a bit more sensible, but i just thought these were funny.

the shortest trips i can find are about 24-25 hours.

the good news is that i’ll be getting a bonus that’s targeted to be about the price of the airfare. the bad news is that we may get anywhere from 50% to 150% of this bonus depending on how the company did between 2005 and 2008, so it’s not set in stone. and then uncle sam gets to take 25% of the bonus AGAIN. so we’ll have to hit 150% for me to get the airfare after tax. fnah.

anyway, i might make this my awesome goal. if not, i may have to settle for someplace like hawaii.

huh. i actually found a sensible flight with a sensible departure time and a sensible arrival time, leaving late on monday night and arriving in the afternoon on wednesday, and for only $1615 round trip including taxes via a stop in taiwan. holy crap, this just might be doable! 4 months, 30 days!