Make it work

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I get my 2007 bonus in two weeks (yeah, we get our bonus for the previous year in the last paycheck in February), and I’ve got my eyes on a new computer; one of those nifty Mac Pros would be awesome for me to do my photo editing, especially since my current computer (a 15″ PowerBook G4) is getting on in computer-years and barely runs Aperture any more. It’s at the low low low end of the system requirements and even then it barely works for photo-editing.

Unfortunately, it seems that the graphics card that I want for the Mac Pro would make the whole order take a week or two for it to actually arrive. I talked with one of the guys at the Apple store today and he said that they usually have a few in stock, but if I wanted it there then I’d be sold the stock machine (complete with stock graphics card) and the additional card would be an add-on that they’d put in for me, so I’d end up with two graphics cards instead of just replacing the original one with the new one. Same with the other bits and pieces like the hard drive. I’d be able to run four monitors instead of just two. That’s crazy, but it’d beat having to wait for my computer to arrive in the mail, especially if it wouldn’t cost much for the graphics card I’d want.

Apple now has a personal shopper program, so I requested one for next payday. I figure that I’ll see how much that paycheck will be, configure a list of the things that I need for my setup and the things that’d be nice to have, and take it in to the store after work to see what they can do. Basically get a one-on-one session where I can give them a list of the things that I want, tell them my budget, and pull a Tim Gunn: