#5010 – i got the "i can't find a space in this parking lot train blues"

you might notice that i’m supposed to be in class from 7 to 9:30 or 10 PM.

you also might notice that i’m not in class at the moment. not by choice, but rather by necessity. see, i couldn’t find a damn parking space to park in for class tonight. GRR. here’s what happened:

so i arrive at campus around 6:30 or so. traffic is horrendous, cars are going everywhere – some minivan swerved around and cut in front of me when we were on a wide one-lane road.

i get to the parking lot. now, basically, parking lot U5 makes me want to choke bitches. this is so poorly designed, so even on a good day i’m cussing up a storm when i try to park. why?

  • the aisles are wide enough for a car to drive up and down them, but pulling in and out of spaces without hitting the car on the opposite side of the aisle is pretty difficult.
  • there’s light posts for overhead lighting in the parking lot. unfortunately, these posts are in parking spaces (taking away room for parking), or are blocking parking spaces (again, taking away room for parking), or are in the damn aisle (making yet another obstacle to swerve around when you’re trying to avoid pedestrians and poorly-parked cars).
  • they’ve got the aisles marked to show which way you’re supposed to drive; since the aisles are narrow, they can barely fit one car, let alone two. however, this doesn’t stop people from driving the wrong way down these rows (and stealing a space that just opened up when you tried to follow the directions and not cause jams by going the proper way).
  • they’ve got several spaces that are almost always open, but they’re reserved for the “hearing and speech clinic”, and so they require a permit from 9 AM – 7 PM. i usually get there around 6 – 6:15 and these spaces are empty. but can i park there? no, because my classes both START at 7.

    also, in that little map i just linked to, my class is in lefrak hall, and U5 is the closest parking lot that i can actually use (all the other ones are either too far away, or they’re restricted to permit holders when i need access.

    so i’m cruising the parking lot and i’m already upset about the traffic (i blame frank) and i can’t find a parking space. i’m getting hot so i try turning on the a/c and i put it down as low as it goes but since the temperature outside is only 50° F it’s still pumping warm air into the car, and since it’s doing a sort of misty-drizzle i didn’t want to open the windows. so now i’m hot, sweaty and cranky. add to this i had to take a leak like crazy so now you’ve got me, hot, sweaty, cranky and having to use the bathroom, and i can’t find a parking space. eventually after about 30-40 minutes of this i gave up around 7:15 when i was already 15 minutes late for class and i still hadn’t yet snagged a parking space. (i looked at lot U7 but that’s only available to people without permits after 8 PM, and that wasn’t going to cut it for me.)

    add to the fact that my car was starting to make a smell like it’s about to need some oil added to it, and you have me not being very happy.

    so i left campus and i was driving back home and i was seriously taking no prisoners on the way back. some SUV tried turning the wrong way down one of the parking lot lanes towards me and responded with a “oh hell naw, you are NOT coming down this lane.” and pointed my finger emphatically in the air as i drove towards him, and the guy turned around and left the lot. “yeah, that’s right, massachusetts, get your out-of-state license plate out of here. you heard me!”

    some other car tried to drive forward through an intersection as i was turning through it (i had no stop sign, while he had both a stop sign and a notice that oncoming traffic has no stop sign and has the right of way). “no you don’t, buddy! out of the way!”

    etc, etc. all the way back home.

    at least my summer classes are not on campus, and for once i’m thinking of that as a good thing.

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