#5007 – and all that "getting things done" bit just went out the window

and here’s how i end up slacking:

me: “hm… none of my bookmarks for my mac stuff have the little favicons next to them… i should probably load up all those bookmarks so it’ll save those icons next to them…”

*loads bookmarks folder and starts closing some of the windows that open*

me: “hm…, it’s been a while since i’ve been here… wonder if they’ve got anything good in the last year or two?”

*pokes around*

me: “what’s this? a desktop picture of scarlett johansson??

and now i am feeling like asavas and am now looking up celebrity gossip on the internet, and by “celebrity gossip on the internet” i mean “scarlett johansson pictures”. and man oh man, i am turning up the good, the bad (yikes) and the ugly (wow… and that dude looks like joliet jake blues after he escaped from prison and is now trying to conceal his identity by losing 100 lbs, growing a full beard and mustache and being stretched out on a rack).

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